In a maritime emergency, time can be the difference between an incident and a catastrophe, and the early stages of any crisis are absolutely crucial. At Bridge Maritime, we have developed a global model with highly-responsive, dynamic and comprehensive solutions, enabling us to get the right people to your emergency as quickly as possible, gaining insights and intelligence that drive effective decision-making.

With an extensive network of specialists across sub-Saharan Africa and the latest technology at our disposal, our rapid deployment hydrographic survey solutions deliver unrivalled levels of accuracy in the shortest time possible.

Understand the worksite

One of the critical advantages of rapid deployment hydrographic surveys is gaining an accurate assessment of the emergency. Understanding the nature of the subsea structure, condition of casualty and other artifacts that may have an impact on the early decision-making process is crucial.

Rapid deployment

Our global model combined with our unrivalled technology enables us to get to the site first, with the necessary equipment and experienced experts. This allows us to present 3D modelling of structures with IHO levels of accuracy, processed on-site with maximum efficiency. Using Lidar and photogrammetry where applicable, we can give a complete picture in the event of a complex structure where elements are both under and above water.

The latest hydrographic survey technology & equipment

Portable Norbit Survey Kit

This all-in-one tightly-integrated broadband multibeam turnkey solution offers high resolution bathymetry over a wide swath. With high-end sonar embedded into the unit, this easily transportable kit ensures fast and reliable mobilisation with the highest quality sounding for surveys in all conditions.

Furthermore, this valuable piece of equipment has the ability to gather backscatter data, which is used to aid characterisation of objects which are not evident in bathymetry. Various modes enable the collection of a wide range of data for complete accuracy and a full understanding of the nature of the worksite.

Offshore deep-water survey winch

Our extensive 600m-long survey winch gives us the ability to physically explore the site of the catastrophe for greater levels of detail and accuracy.

MV “BML Explorer”

The dynamic BML Explorer is used for commercial diving, deep-water offshore surveys, remote-operated vehicles and support. Built in 1982 in the UK, the BML Explorer is just one of our vast fleet of ships, enabling us to provide rapid marine emergency response throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Key facts:
23.96m long
6.48m wide
111.65 gross tonnage
325.27 horsepower diesel engine
Max speed of 8 knots

8m Survey RHIB

This lightweight rigid hulled inflatable boat is a high-performance powerboat with an impressive load carrying capability. Our 8m Survey RHIB is easily transported and implemented for rapid use on-site. This means that the compact Norbit Survey Kit can be easily maneuvered to the correct location for the best possible results.

Accurate & quantitative data to inform effective decision-making

Interpretation and presentation of the data collected is critical to making the right decisions at the right time. This is why we employ industry specialists to ensure that the final product of our hydrographic survey is usable and informs appropriate action.

Using IHO-approved equipment, we are able to provide extremely accurate and quantitative results. The underwater product can be seamlessly interfaced with an equivalent surface product, generated by Lidar and photogrammetry where applicable, and giving a complete picture in the even of a complex structure where elements are both under and above water.

Advantages of Bridge Maritime’s rapid deployment hydrographic surveys

  • Full system can be mobilised as accompanied luggage anywhere around the world, due to its compact size
  • The system can be set up on very small vessels of opportunity
  • The rugged design is suited to this application and environment
  • International Hydrographic Organisation levels of accuracy
  • Rapid processing capacity providing almost real-time data, on-site
  • Manned by Marine Emergency Response technicians, allowing for appropriate interpretation and presentation of data
  • Low cost of operation and mobilisation

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