At Bridge Maritime, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide unmatched Marine Emergency Response solutions across a massive geographic footprint. To further these goals, we have partnered with BlueTack, a sustainable marine services company focusing solely on incident management and pollution remediation.

Founded by highly-experienced marine salvage experts, BlueTack aims to create solutions that are environmentally-friendly and advantageous to all stakeholders, while providing wider social benefits. The company focuses on client involvement and transparency, while partnering with trusted companies that complement and assist them in challenging operational environments.

Their unique business model ensures that their boutique services are agile, innovative and support their environmental goals.

This alliance will see us sharing resources such as equipment and personnel, giving us access to their global connections and agreements with companies across the globe. We will also benefit from valuable commercial and operational assistance, enabling us to expand our footprint and enhance our services.

Find out more about BlueTack at and get in touch with Bridge Maritime today to find out more about our rapid and effective Marine Emergency Response solutions and services.